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Watch Dragon Ball Super Online Episode 124: The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan’s Last Stand!

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    Goku and Vegeta power up to their limit to fight Jiren, and though so far Jiren has no impact of their attacks, Vegeta says that their fight is just beginning. They both push Jiren back with a series of same attacks, and tried finishing it with a Kamehameha and Final Flash. but Jiren takes these attacks head on, and still he hasn’t got a scrach on his body.

    The fight between Frieza and Dyspo continues and Dyspo powers up even more leaving Frieza shocked, Frieza gets pushed, seeing this Gohan knocks in and they both start to fight Dyspo but he is faster than both of there expectations, Gohan comes up with a plan of making a cage with Frieza’s Laser Ki around Dyspo to stop his speed how ever the plan fails because Frieza is unable to hold and his stamina reaches its limit.Gohan doesn’t miss the chance and immediately grabs Dyspo from behind. Picking up on Gohan’s strategy, Freeza doesn’t hesitate to “put him out of his misery”, blasting Gohan and Dyspo with a ki attack that knocks both out of bounds

    Six minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power.


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